Why I Wrote ‘Dear Mummy, Welcome’

I started to write ‘Dear Mummy, Welcome’ as soon as my daughter, Mattie, started school at the age of 4. I decided to write for 2 hours a day during weekdays and it took me 18 months to complete the first draft.
The main reason for writing this memoir was for my daughter to have a record of our first year together and the leadup to it. I also wanted to share our experiences with others, believing the book might be useful to those wishing to adopt or who had already adopted. Though the book will resonate with all women.
I recently worked out that the publishing process – since submitting that first extract to my publisher until publication date on 17 November – has been four years in duration; or the same time it took to adopt! And yet I think the timing of its publication is perfect. Not only because the current government is now making adoption such a high priority but because Mattie, at the age of 11, is mature enough to be thrilled with the book. Although she has not read it herself – and I do not expect her to want to do so for some years – I have read several extracts to her, especially the funny ones and she finds it very amusing. And when she opened the first copies sent to us by the publisher, she said ‘Mum, this is amazing!’

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