Three Celebrations

Our dear former neighbours from the UK, Jo and Ann, have been to San Antonio and gone!
Those of you who have read Dear Mummy Welcome will remember that they became particularly close to Mattie when we lived next door to them in Sussex, and it was lovely to see that relationship continue on this side of the pond.
Jo and Ann were the first visitors to stay in our newly renovated home in San Antonio, and how exciting it was to greet them at the airport on the Monday evening and whisk them off to our favourite Mexican restaurant, Sol Luna. ‘I remember you mentioned this restaurant in one of your blogs,’ Ann exclaimed, on arrival. Happily, they didn’t find the salsas too overpowering.
Later, at home, I pointed out the various paintings and pieces of furniture that had been transported over here – though the furniture looks somewhat different: the sofa and chairs have been covered in brightly coloured southwestern prints and the ink and food-stained kitchen table and chairs have been repainted and resealed.
During their stay we visited the Missions, the Alamo and the River Walk, the Mexican quarter, the nearby German towns of Gruene and Boerne, the botanical gardens and the McNay art museum; we also enjoyed a barbecue or two on our patio, a swim in the pool and an evening at The Scenic Loop, a patio restaurant just out of town where there is live country and western music on Saturday nights. As I looked around the table, it struck me that it was only because of Mattie coming into our lives that we were all together in San Antonio on that lovely evening.
Good sports as they are, Jo and Ann even watched some of the finals (best of 7 games) of the NBA basketball championships with us on a couple of evenings – San Antonio Spurs were playing against Miami Heat. (Back in England, suffering from jet lag, they would even check the score of one of the later matches at 3am in the morning)
The only downside to Jo and Ann’s stay was that they brought the English weather with them! We are used to the odd rainfall in June but not a whole week of it. It was rather like monsoon for the rain would start late afternoon and then bucket down for an hour or two.
We experienced even stranger weather conditions last week when it became blisteringly hot, hitting 108 degrees on Saturday – the highest temperature ever recorded for June in San Antonio – and who says global warming is a hoax. Happily, it rained the next day and temperatures are back to norm.
We have three celebrations coming up – Mike’s birthday on Wednesday, July 4th on Thursday and our first wedding anniversary on Saturday. My parents celebrated their 60th anniversary in June and I remember from my blog, ‘How to Get Married in Texas’ that last year they had just missed out on an invitation to a garden party from the Queen. This year they were thrilled to receive a telegram of congratulations from her, and we look forward to celebrating the event when they arrive as our next set of guests in the autumn.

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