Feedback: The Joy And The Unexpected

If, before writing ‘Dear Mummy, Welcome’, I had been asked to document the stages in writing a book, I would have mentioned the editing, of course, seeking a publisher, dealing with rejections, the publishing, the PR – but I would not have included ‘feedback’. And yet this has proved to be such an unexpectedly joyful, sometimes poignant, and often thought-provoking part of the whole process.
I now realise that readers of my book have been impacted in so many different ways – and when I talk about readers, some of these are adopted; some were fostered; some have adopted themselves; some are birth mums and dads; some have no children.
The emails, letters (what a luxury to receive a handwritten note!), phone calls and people seeking me out to pass a comment – all have been overwhelming, and I take pleasure in publishing some extracts below:
‘It made me cry and laugh in equal measures and I had to write and say how much I enjoyed it as I made the journey with you …’
‘I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I was totally gripped from beginning to end. It struck a chord with bringing up my two – they may be my flesh and blood but their personalities are still very much their own!’
‘Thanks so much for sharing your uplifting story so honestly.’
‘I have read the book cover to cover and found it un-put-downable. It was very moving in parts and also very personal…It is well written and bodes well for your novel.’
‘We think this book is marvellous and uplifting as well as extremely helpful to many …’
‘It’s great! I read it right through on Saturday, didn’t get anything else done. Congratulations!’
‘I have enjoyed how your book has evoked the most wonderful memory of my parents … a Christmas blessing.’

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