Dear Mummy, Welcome

By Bethany Hallett

Published by Honno in paperback original on 17 November 2011, Dear Mummy, Welcome can be purchased from Amazon

As the millennium dawned, Bethany Hallett had just passed forty. Without a husband or partner, her dream of motherhood was looking increasingly distant. Whilst working ridiculous hours in the City in preparation for a digital holocaust that didn’t materialize, she decided to do something about making that dream a reality.

On returning to the UK from a business trip to New York, Bethany began to look into adopting a child in search of a ‘forever’ mummy. It would be a journey fraught with tension, self-doubt and disappointment but ultimately, one that led to a little girl called Mattie, a lost child in search of love and happiness, and a mummy who would accept her for the individual she was, faults and all. Dear Mummy, Welcome is their story, the story of a family in the making.

A funny, heart-warming and emotional tale of adoption, love and friendship, Dear Mummy, Welcome is an incredible story of a woman determined to be a mother. It tells of the challenges Bethany faced along the way, from the reams of paperwork, admin and bureaucracy to family illness, and the friends she met, too, from kind-hearted Kath from the church on the ‘other side’ of Canary Wharf, to a beautiful romance with Mike from Texas.

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